SIC Gros-de-Vaud

SIC Gros-de-Vaud

The Industrial and Commercial Company Gros de Vaud (SIC Gros de Vaud) is a regional branch of the Fédération Patronale Vaudoise (FPV), founded in 1973. It is active throughout the new district of Gros de Vaud.
To date, SIC Gros de Vaud includes almost 140 members representing diverse sectors such as construction, industry, handicrafts, trade and service delivery.

Companies and independent members enjoy various benefits:
• free legal information via the Centre patronal
• have a privileged access to the counter Echallens
• meet and talk with other members at events organized by CLC Gros de Vaud

SIC Gros de Vaud defends the interests of its members with employer bodies, political and economic, with which it is directly related.
It also links with other Industrial and Commercial Company (SIC) in western Switzerland. The CIS presidents meet several times a year to exchange experiences and seek to create synergies between the regions.

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