Centre Patronal - Paudex

Centre Patronal - Paudex

The Centre Patronal is a private company serving businesses, employers and professional associations. It holds trade secretariats, provides information and advice, provides a range of social institutions, provides training, produces publications and general legal.

The Centre is established in Paudex Patronal, near Lausanne, and has offices in Bern. Its activities are deployed today throughout Western Switzerland and in Swiss German.

By the secretariats of which it manages, and especially as the secretariat of the Employers' Federation of Vaud, the Centre Patronal also has a role in representing the interests and expectations of the private economy.

The Employers' Federation Vaud (FPV) is a structure consisting of inter branch associations and individual members. By identifying common interests of its members, it represents the Vaud economy vis-à-vis the authorities and the public.

The Vaud Chamber of Arts and Crafts (CVAM) assumes, in the FPV, the function of responding to the Swiss Vaud arts and crafts. It is the advisory body for all matters relating specifically to arts and crafts.

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